The Rateonium ICO introduces a global rating system. This is a platform that will allow people from all round the world to anonymously leave their ratings on different businesses.

It will be centered around an app that allows the user to see the local businesses around them at all times.

The pre-ICO sale of tokens has ended.

The main ICO event is scheduled to run from August 25 to September 25, 2018.

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Website:  :

Token:   RTC tokens

Hard Cap:  84,234 ETH

Payment Methods:  ETH

Total Cap Size:  648,001,674 RTC tokens for sale

Technology:  Blockchain platform with integrated mobile app and wallet

Important Dates: 

Private Sale: Has already been completed

​​Public Sale: Has started and is due to run to September 25, 2018

The Rateonium ICO takes the idea of online reviews and adds the power of the Blockchain to make them better.

This means that people anywhere in the world can leave anonymous reviews using a verified account, removing the current problems of fake reviews and the lack of incentive for leaving good reviews.

There is two way verification of every review and a mobile app that can be used to leave reviews quickly and easily.

This platform should help both users and companies.

Users get rewarded for using reviews and companies can increase their sales by giving access to a bigger range of independent, trustworthy reviews.

With 23 global partners already signed up and 5 locations around the planet, this project has an ambitious, worldwide scope to it.

Project Use Case

As we look through the Rateonium White Paper, we can see how it can be used. To start with, a user downloads the app and then completes a one-off verification process to prove who they are.

After this, the customer is ready to use the app and start giving ratings. They can use an Around Me function to see and rate the businesses around them.

Businesses can also use this platform as a way of increasing sales by attracting new customers thanks to having an increased number of trustworthy reviews.

Rateonium Team Overview

We can find out the full details of the Rateonium team on their site.

The core management team is made up of 9 people. They are led by CEO & Founder Marko Krusnetsevic.

The CTO is Kai Cilingiroglu and the Managing Assistant is listed as Mila Pavkovic. As is usual, their LinkedIn profiles can be accessed easily from the site to find out more about their business track records.

After this, there is a Developer team of 5 members, a Financial / Legal department of 2, 4 people in Marketing, and another 2 in the sales team as well. 

If we turn to the Investors & Advisors section we can see a total of 3 people listed here at the time of writing. Djevad Lakota is named as an Investor & Co-Founder.

Maciej Wapinski is listed as the Advisor for Community Building. René Van Pelt is their Advisor for Blockchain Market.

How The Token Works

There will be 648,001,674 RTC tokens sold for this project out of a total distribution of 801,703,971 coins.

These tokens will then be used to reward reviewers on the platform.

The plan is also for them to be freely distributed on crypto exchanges as well.

What Do Investors Gain

The Rateonium White Paper goes into some detail on why the team believe that this is a good investment opportunity.

They believe that it is going to be a highly successful platform that attracts lots of user from around the world.

If this happens then it is to be expected that there is a far greater demand for the tokens, driving the price up over time.

The sale of tokens is also divided into distinct phases.

This means that those investors who get in early a bigger discount and, therefore, more tokens for their cash.


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Opportunities & Risks

The concept of allowing customers to add anonymous but verified reviews to the details of a local business seems like a smart use of Blockchain technology.

The big benefit in this case is that it is possible to verify the user while ensuring that their review is effectively anonymous.

Given the importance of online business reviews, this could be a big success that attracts a lot of users.

If we look at the risks now, perhaps the biggest issue is the possibility that there is simply not enough interest in this project.

With so many other retail-based ICOs on the go, there is the possibility that this one slips under the radar.

Other typical ICO issues such as legal changes and the appearance of rival platforms also need to be taken into account.

Final Thoughts










There are a lot of good details in this ICO that make us think that it could be a success.

The area of online business reviews is something that does have some current shortfalls.

The use of Blockchain technology could turn out to be a smart move that takes advantage of the best points of decentralized platforms. Getting rid of fake online reviews would be a great move forwards.

The team working on this project looks strong enough to deal with it. The fact that they have split their workers up into different sections also shows a nice, forward-thinking approach.

Another advantage is that they have already got some partnerships and global offices in place.

Perhaps the biggest fear is that this ICO just isn’t exciting enough to get people motivated enough to get involved.

However, the benefits that it offers could be enough to see it gain strong support from investors.


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