What Is QASH?

QASH is a digital currency token of the Quoine Liquid platform, a blockchain-based project developed by Japanese firm, Quoine.

Its vision is to solve the problem of liquidity that affects the cryptocurrency industry.

As is the case, most cryptocurrency investors don’t have an efficient method of buying or selling their crypto assets using fiat currencies. 

They have to first buy other major crypotocurrencies like BTC or ETH from places like Coinbase before they can invest in smaller altcoins.

And that’s not all.

Cashing out their crypto assets is a complicated affair as most exchanges do not have enough liquidity for smaller coins.

Quoine solves the liquidity problem by introducing the Quoine Liquid Platform.

The platform features state of the art engines that bring to the crypto industry the same levels of liquidity that the global financial sector enjoys.

Quione operates two digital exchanges; Quionex, a fiat/cryptocurrency exchange and Cryptos, a cryptocurrency-only exchange.

Quoine was founded in 2014 by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada.

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How Does Quoine Liquid Work?

The platform is built around two important features that are designed to deliver liquidity in the cryptocurrency industry.

These are; the World Book and Prime Brokerage.

The World Book is a globally-sourced cryptocurrency trading tool while Prime brokerage is a suite that allows cryptocurrency traders and investors to get access to a number of services, including; market access, cryptocurrency to fiat credit services, fiat management services and real-time reporting.

The two features use the QASH token.

The platform allows any crypto investor to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies or to cash out their investments in fiat.

Let’s dive deeper into the two key features of the platform:

The World Book

It’s basically a compilation of orders and prices derived from all major cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe.

All cryptocurrency prices from various exchanges are condensed into one huge World Book that enables any trader to use fiat when buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

What the World Book does is to remove the liquidity silos of different exchanges.  

In essence, it combines orders and prices from all exchanges to give greater liquidity to all coins.

With it, you’ll no longer have issues matching orders that are not listed on the exchange that you prefer.

The World Book uses the foreign exchange to create fiat to crypto trading pairs that may not have existed before.

They do this by creating an internal order book and merging it with an external aggregate order book.

The World Book has three main features that enable it to provide liquidity.

These are; Matching Engine, Cross Currency Conversion Engine, and Smart Order Routing.

Matching Engine

This is an industry leading technology that processes millions of transactions per second.

It’s designed to make the QASH Liquid platform one of the fastest in the industry.

Cross Currency Conversion Engine (CCCE)

The QASH team understands that fiat currency conversions and management is a huge problem for cryptocurrency traders.

Their solution to this is the CCCE.

It’s an innovation that allows for almost instantaneous conversions between currencies.

It allows users to easily trade with each other without having to worry about coin pairings.

It essentially works behind the scenes to match the pairings of two traders to give them the coin that they want, creating a fluid market.

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

This is an inbuilt feature that monitors all exchanges listed in the World Book to find the best matches for orders that come through the system.

The SOR manages to do this because it has price feeds from all the major exchanges that are supported by the World Book.

Prime Brokerage

This forms the other half of the Quoine Liquid platform.

Essentially, it gives all users direct market access to all cryptocurrency exchanges that are supported by the World Book.  

They easily gain access to these exchanges without having to register for new accounts on each exchange.

The fact that Quoine has roped in a network of banks means that users can quickly transfer fiat currencies through the platform.

Prime brokerage also gives users the ability to trade on margins.

They also credit facilities and are allowed to use either fiat or cryptocurrencies as collateral for credit.

QASH Token

An Ethereum based token dubbed “QASH” is the fuel for the Liquid platform.  

It’s a utility token that allows users to interact with the platform and to access the key features of the platform.

It’s a tradable token and can be bought in any leading cryptocurrency exchange, including Kucoin.

Quoine minted 1 billion tokens. 

They claim that they are using most of the funds generated to offer liquidity to the crypotocurrency industry.

How To Get a QASH Wallet

The fact that QASH is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency means that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to getting a QASH wallet.

Most Ethereum based wallets will support QASH as it’s an ERC20 standard coin.

Getting the ideal software or hardware wallet for your QASH coins is an easy and straightforward affair.

You’ll need to download a software wallet, register an account and you’re good to go.

Most of the software wallets are free to use and are accessible to anyone, regardless of their location.

For hardware wallets, you’ll need to buy one online. Most hardware wallets that support QASH come at a premium price but if you'd like our take on a favorite then check out the Ledger Nano S here and our review.


Like most cryptocurrencies, QASH can be traded in exchanges.

Since it started trading in November 2017, it has had its highs and lows, and price volatility has become synonymous with it.

In November last year, its value rose steadily to reach a monumental $1.48, before it tumbled to a lowly $0.60 in less than a month.

Since then, the price of QASH has remained largely consistent, except for two price bumps in December 2017 and January 2018.

There’s the likelihood of its price going up in the near future, especially if more people adopt it. 

Where To Buy QASH

QASH can be bought on Liquid, the official cryptocurrency exchange of the Quoine platform. 

Any Quoine user can buy QASH on Quoinex using USD or JPY as this exchange supports fiat/cryptocurrency trading.

In the event you’re in need of large volumes of the QASH coin, the Huobi exchange would be a good place to start as it’s known for having some of the highest QASH trading volumes.

However, it’s important to note that Huobi doesn’t support fiat currencies and you’ll be required to first buy ETH or BTC for you to buy QASH.

Other than these two exchanges, there are tens of others that support QASH, including Bitfinex, GDAX and Gemini.

Where To Store QASH

QASH is an ERC20 standard coin and can be stored in any Ethereum based wallet.

That said, there are many software wallets that support QASH, including MyEtherWallet, a popular ERC20 compatible wallet.

For those who prefer maximum security for their QASH coins, they can use a number of hardware wallets that are available in the market.

These include the Ledger Nano S, a popular choice of wallet that’s famed for its high levels of security.

Unlike most software wallets, hardware wallets come at a price.

With these wallets, you’ll sleep comfortably knowing that your QASH tokens are safe and secure.

The only important thing that you should keep in your mind is that QASH is set to migrate to its own blockchain in 2019.

When this happens, it will stop being an ERC20 standard token and will no longer be supported by Ethereum-based wallets.

This is taken to mean that you might soon be migrating your QASH tokens to a completely new wallet, so keep monitoring the Quoine company to get any new announcements about the looming switchover.

Quione's Partnerships

The Quoine platform boasts of partnerships with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

First, the platform enjoys backing from the Japanese government.

This is to say that it’s recognized by the Japanese Financial Services Agency as a legal cryptocurrency.

With support from the Japanese government, QASH seems to have a bright future.

It has also partnered with a leading exchange; Bitfinex, and is working closely with it to improve its liquidity levels.

This partnership also means that you can buy QASH from Bitfinex.

Another notable partnership involves DASH, a leading cryptocurrency with an impressive market capitalization of over $2 billion.

Quoine announced that DASH will be integrated in the Liquid platform.

Cryptos, a cryptocurrency only exchange that’s operated by Quoine is among the few that have partnered with a professional auditing firm.

It’s audit partner is Delloite.

Other key partners include; Bithumb, Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and four of the top five US exchanges, including Kraken, Bittrex, and Bitstamp.

Other exchanges that have partnered with Quoine include Cex.io and Binance too.

So you can see these guys really are gearing up when it comes to their mission of providing greater liquidity to the entire market.


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