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In December, NiceHash made news for all the wrong reasons. The Slovenian cryptocurrency mining company lost over 4700 BTC valued at $60 million to hackers. The hack shook the industry because NiceHash was one of the most popular and user-friendly mining services by then.

The Aftermath Of The NiceHash Hack

Although the mining service was relaunched several days after the hack, the company suspended all its mining services to pave way for investigations. In the absence of NiceHash, most miners out to generate some money from mining are discovering alternative mining services.

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Alternatives to NiceHash

Given the large number of Nicehash competitors out there, it takes time to get the mining service that suits a particular persons needs.

We've compiled a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of the top ten most popular mining services to ease your selection process as you narrow down on the best NiceHash replacement.

Alternatives to NiceHash

Honey Miner

Although Honey Miner is among the newcomers in the mining industry, it seems to command some positive reviews from others who've given it a shot.


Most users agree that Honey Miner is easy to install and easy to use. Unlike most mining apps, Honey Miner only needs you to have a valid email address to start mining. It simplifies the concept of mining, making it a mainstream activity.

Additionally, the app sifts through hundreds of altcoins to help you select the most profitable ones to mine, giving you an ideal source of passive income.


Although Honey Miner seems like a legit mining service, it's still relatively new and lacks some standard user features like graphs.

Miner Gate

This is a cloud mining platform that allows everyone to make money from mining.


One of the key advantages of this mining service is that it allows you to mine Bitcoins and 14 other cryptocurrencies.

Other than this, the platform deposits all your mined cryptocurrencies directly into your wallet, meaning that you won't need to worry about losing your mined coins in the event the platform goes down like it happened with NiceHash.


While Miner Gate seems like a worthy NiceHash alternative, it's important to note that it's not as profitable as NiceHash.

Awesome Miner

Another Windows application, Awesome Miner helps you manage and monitor mining from different computers.


It has a fair share of mining algorithms that it supports, although the number is nowhere near what NiceHash already supports.

Additionally, Awesome Miner introduces its intelligent feature that allows users to locate and switch from one mining pool to the other, allowing for profitable mining.


Awesome Miner packs many useful features although these can be a little bit confusing if you're using it for the first time. The many features are not in any way beginner friendly.


The WinMiner application helps you to earn an extra income by simply utilizing the unused computing power of your hardware.


When using WinMiner for the first time, you'll be thrilled to notice the many payment options at your disposal once you mine enough cryptocurrencies. These include Paypal, Amazon, iTunes gift cards, and cryptocurrency, among other methods.

Additionally, WinMiner has a clever Auto Mode that detects when your computer is idle and uses its hash power to mine cryptocoins.

The Auto Mode makes it easy for users when they need to do their normal computing work because it hands them all the computing power of their machines the moment they hit their computer keyboards.


Seemingly an ideal NiceHash alternative, Win Miner's only frills are the many system requirements that they need you to meet before you start your mining journey, including Windows 7 software, core i3 systems and many more.

Also worthy of note is that Win Miner is designed specifically for Windows, and this essentially locks out iPhone users.

Kryptex Miner

Another mining application made for Windows users, Kryptex Miner has an intelligent computer hardware sensor that analyzes how much you'll earn in a month or daily.


This mining platform boasts of a nice, uncluttered surface and spots interesting features.

It's also easy to use and runs on low performance systems.


While it's considered a worthy alternative to NiceHash, Kryptex Miner has flaws of its own. For instance, there's not enough information about its owners at a time when cryptocurrency enthusiasts clamour for transparency.

The service doesn't seem to support cloud mining.


BetterHash's goal is to make cryptocurency mining accessible to anyone with a computer.

Recently, they launched a cutting edge software that's easy to use, making it appealing to mining beginners and seasoned miners. BetterHash allows you to mine Dash, Ether, Litecoin, ZEC, XMR and BTG.


When you set up the BetterHash application, one thing that you'll immediately notice is how easy it is to run it.

The application carries the same simplicity when it comes mining, as it has few simplified steps that make mining a breeze.

But having simplified steps does not mean that BetterHash only caters for beginners. The application has additional features for the seasoned miner.

What's more, it's a free mining software and charges you no fees to mine crypto, making it one of the best value for money mining applications out there.


BetterHash is designed with beginners in mind. As such, it might not appeal to seasoned miners who need advanced tools that can do much more.


With the Nanopool mining software, you can easily mine up to seven supported cryptocurrencies, including ETH, ETC, Monero, Zcash, Electroneum and Siacoin.


Nanopool has a simple user interface that can be used by anyone regardless of their mining experience.

Most users say Nanopool is a stable mining platform with few rejected shares and less hash rate fluctuatations compared to other sites.


On the flip side, some Nanopool users bemoan the platform's low profits compared to others. All in all, Nanopool seems to do a worse job in replying to online queries posed by users, and this could water down its credibility in the eyes of users.


With Computta, you don't need to have technical skills in computing. As long as you can power your computer and use a mouse, you're ready to make some money from mining when you use Computta.


Computta has a two step mining process that removes complexity from mining. You just need to click on the application's Auto Pilot to mine coins.

It's also a convenient mining platform because it converts all your earnings into Bitcoins and shows your balances in US Dollars.


Computta is yet to design an app for different operating system and only serves windows clients.

Group Fabric

This is a mining platform based on Windows.


Group Fabric has an easy to use interface. The mining software provides users with real time statistics, a clear advantage for any miner.

Those using Group Fabric report that the service provides them with fast CPU and GPU mining, with mining pool support, making for a hassle-free mining experience.


The only disdavantage of this mining platform is that it only supports Windows, locking out other users who prefer a different operating system.


MiningPoolHub is a wholesome mining platform catering for both beginners and experienced miners. It has three main options namely, Simple Coin mining, Algo Switch mining and Multi Algo Switch mining for different classes of miners.


It attracts low pool fee of 0.9%, one of the lowest among mining pools.

It's interface is well designed to cater for different levels of users. Its Algo Switch feature allows you to mine several coins using the same algorithm.


MiningPoolHub's sophisticated user interface is its main undoing. For instance, users complain that it's a pain to navigate because of the many pages. There's also the small problem of delayed and scarce information on the platform.



Each one of the above mining platforms appeals to different kinds of miners.

It's important to thoroughly evaluate any mining platform before settling on it for your daily mining needs.

Overall, some mining services like MiningPoolHub seem like the ideal alternative to NiceHash simply because they cater to all levels of users. 

MiningPoolHub also has an advantage over the other NiceHash alternatives because it allows miners to mine different coins at the same time depending on what is profitable on the site, plus get paid in one coin that they like.

We'd recommend MiningPoolHub to anyone looking to have a flawless mining experience regardless of their mining knowledge.

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