Mobius aims to build several decentralized smart market protocols. Their first entry is the release of their universal blockchain payment protocol which is dubbed the "stripe for blockchain". While releasing this protocol, the Mobius team has taken charge with a DApps store which allows people to access wide ranging DApps.

We had the chance to ask David Gobaud, one of the teams co-founders, to discuss life after their ICO, the roadmap ahead and an open table discussion, let's get started with David for this rapid fire interview!

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1. What niche do you want to see Mobius catching mainstream traction in?

For mainstream consumers the part of Mobius that will gain traction will be the DApp Store!

For large global companies they will use our Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol (PSOP) and Decentralized Data Marketplace (DDM) to commercialize their data.



Token:  ​MOBI

Raised:   $39 Million

Payment Network: XLM

Total Supply:  888,000,000 MOBI

Exchanges: Stellar Decentralized Exchange, Stronghold, OTCBTC (Taiwan), GOPAX (Korean)

2. What is going on with the DApp store and can we get an update?

We have some big news coming soon - we continue to make it more decentralized and are adding many requested features such as comments, ratings, search, and more!

3. How does your machine-to-machine system compare to IOTA?

Our works 😛 if you want details we have a blog coming soon!

4. In a nutshell, what stage will you implement API fees?

Right now we are focused on developing our technology and growing our community.

5. If you could run your ICO over again, would you do anything differently?

Yes - as the first big Stellar token sale we learned a lot. Our public sale had some problems. We will be writing a blog post for the community so future Stellar token sales can avoid the problems we had.

6. What is one question you wish people would ask you more?

How hard it is to do a token sale because it is much harder than it seems!

Final Thoughts

As it sounds, David has been very busy getting Mobius started and after a hard running ICO, there's still plenty of work ahead and it appears that they'll be starting to market their business into greater heights! To learn more about Mobius, head over to our review of their ICO and a look deeper into their history.


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