Crypto investing is becoming more and more difficult, and hugely time consuming.

We’re here to make sure you get above average results, without trawling through dozens of whitepapers and spending hours watching coins. We’re here to help you find the best ICOs, the best altcoins, and the right timing.

As a group, and using our research teams, we’ll invest into trailblazing ICOs, analyze altcoin movements together, and grow our individual portfolios exponentially.

Early Access Into The Best ICOs

The best ICOs rarely make it to a public crowd sale, and when they do, you have to be fast to get in.

The landscape is changing and even though there are hundreds of ICOs every week. There are only a few worth paying attention to and getting in on. Not only are we going to help you figure out which projects have potential, but we’re going to help you get into them in the first place. The Cryptosis mastermind is going to allow us to purchase large quantities of tokens from these projects during the private pre-sales, using the power of groupbuy. Often times the requirements to access these ICOs is too large for the average person, that’s why we’ll be investing as a group into these cutting-edge projects.

Altcoins Absolutely Ready-To-Moon

Multiple Eyes Are Better Than One.

Our strong group of analysts are working every day to research projects with the best technical & fundamental prospects. We track all of the best projects and wait for the right time to take a position in them. When we make a move based on this research, mastermind members will be the first to know. If other members make the move before us, you’ll know too. It’s all about more eyes on the field so we can catch these altcoins early on. That’s where real wealth is made.


ICO Picks & Group Buys
[U.S. Investors Welcome]

Our job as organizers of the group is to provide coherent information on credible ICOs. When we’re confident in an ICO, we’ll make sure we close a deal that this mastermind deserves and we do not have to fight to get whitelisted or race others during the token sale because of high demand. We’re going to get in early and profit more with this group buy structure.

Ready-To-Moon Altcoin Picks

Unlock the spreadsheet of the top coins we’re tracking for early signals. Right now we’ve got nearly 100 coins we’re watching keenly and you’ll get access to this constantly updated spreadsheet. When we decide to enter in, you’ll be the first to be notified. Fundamental analysis is at the core of our investment decisions and although we pay attention to technicals, it hasn’t been the biggest reason for our past successes.

Hardcore Trading Discussions & Analysis

We needed a place to build a stronger real-time connection with our community, so we’ve chosen Discord as the best option for now. It’s private, secure, and most importantly intuitive for most. Take the time to introduce yourself, keep up with crypto news and most importantly participate in the ICO and altcoin discussions. This is where you’ll gain the most insight and poke holes into your own investment choices. Don’t swim blindly in the sea of cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin & ICO Alerts + Accompanying Analysis

We realize that you may not read your emails frequently or check telegram as much. So we’re going to try our best to make sure that when we make a change to our portfolio, you will be notified quickly via Telegram & Discord along with accompanying notes for why. Most of the time you’ll be VERY aware of the projects we’re interested in far ahead of time. This added notification is to ensure you’re able to track our trades as close as possible, if you’d like.


Altcoin & ICO Analysts

Early Crypto Investors

Developers & Entrepreneurs

Don’t make another trade before reading this…

Research is the name of the game. You cannot rely 100% on technical analysis when it comes to venture & token investing. Along with your membership, you’ll get a dedicated team of researchers who understand deeply the prospects of a successful project and it’s tokenomics.

With that, we’d like to formally invite you to the mastermind.

No more bullshit Facebook groups. No more FUD. No more blatant shilling of projects with no fundamentals.

The vision & mission of the Cryptosis mastermind is to provide analysis and signals for long-term crypto projects that will pay you back 10 fold if you invest at the right stage with us.

We’ll be sharing as much knowledge as we can, as much of our network as we can, and as much of our other resources.

If you’re ready to benefit from a tight-knit group of critically thinking crypto investors – join us today.

The Membership

This is an invitation to join a tribe of quick and resourceful crypto investors. If you’re on the fence, my suggestion is to try it and we’ll honour the refund policy quickly. The people in this mastermind are the real deal. Don’t trade alone.

Join today, shape your destiny, and let’s make some life-changing moves.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help me in a bear market?

There’s not a huge amount of gains that can be made in a bear market, but this will certainly help you prepare and do the best you possibly can in a bear market.

Can I just follow your trades 100%?

Not 100%, but we’ll share with you when we’re making moves, entering a coin, exiting it etc.

Can I join paying in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Not right now. The membership is a monthly subscription and there aren’t (m)any good solutions for subscriptions with crypto right now.

What are group buys?

These are simply opportunities for us to take advantage of our buying power as a large group. The more members that participate in group buys, the higher leverage we can get to profit from fast filling pre-sales.

On top of that, sometimes a presale deal is only available if you contribute a certain number of Ethereum, usually in the hundreds.

Is this mastermind for day trading?

Day traders are here, swing traders are here, and so are long term investors. It’s good to hear and see how others are making profits because that’s what ultimately makes you more money in the market. However, we won’t be teaching or focusing on day trading.

Is there support?

There is technical support for refunds, forgotten passwords, etc. But for questions on strategy, please direct them to the appropriate channel in discord. Our support staff will not able to provide better cryptocurrency advice than the members in the mastermind.

What guarantees do you make?

We guarantee a 30-day, no questions asked, refund on your membership fees. We don’t guarantee any results from crypto trading or investing. Nobody can promise that, and we’re here to help you avoid the sharks who make those claims.



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