The Helix Orange ICO aims to introduce a platform that will bring together the best new ICO projects and the investors who could be interested in them.

It will give access through a single KYC check, rather than having to carry out multiple ID checks each time, and has already advanced to an MVP state since the work began on it.

The public pre-sale of tokens ran until July 27, 2018 and is now closed. The main ICO event will take place from September 13 through to October 31, 2018.

We can get a good understanding of what the Helix Orange ICO is all about by looking through the website and the White Paper that have been created to explain it.

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Token:   HIX tokens

Hard Cap:  €35 million

Payment Methods:  BTC, ETH, Ripple, LTC, Fiat currencies

Total Cap Size:  5 billion HIX tokens

Technology:  Own Blockchain infrastructure with nodes hosted by different cloud service providers

Important Dates: 

Private Sale: Ended in July 2018

​​Public Sale: Planned to run from mid-September until the end of October 2018

The Helix Orange ICO aims to solve one of the current problems encountered by people setting up ICOs, as well as by those who plan to invest in them.

Part of this solution involves breaking down the regulatory wall that involves KYC and AML checks.

This platform aims to speed up the sales process by giving easy access to registered, cleared investors. In addition, it will allow ICOs to remove much of their marketing and sales costs at the same time. 

Project Use Case

By looking through the Helix Orange White Paper we can see some details of how this platform could work once it is fully up and running.

There is a simple on-boarding process for new projects that sees each new ICO classified in one of three different categories: Payment tokens, Asset tokens, & Utility tokens.

The on-boarding process for investors is also straightforward and sees them classified as either small or institutional investors at the outset. Comprehensive checks are then carried out to ensure that the investor is fully complaint.

HELIX ORANGE Team Overview

The 17-strong core team that has been working on Helix Orange is led by Oliver Naegele. He is described as the Founder and Visionary, with a background in IT and a keen interest in Blockchain technology.

Felix Scheffka is listed as their Analytics expert. He comes from a financial services industry background.

Next is Mark H. Van Der Arend, who is in charge of Sales and has a long track record in corporate & investment banking.

Other important team members cover areas such as Operations, Fullstack Developer, Legal, and Marketing. 

As you would expect from a project like, there is also an Advisory board helping to lead it in the right direction. At the time of writing, there are currently 15 Advisors listed.

These include Henri De Jong, Dennis Weidner, and Max Ng.

How The Token Works

The HIX token will be an ERC20 complaint utility token.

These coins will be used to pay for services provided in the ecosystem and the company promises a high burn rate on collected tokens, to decrease the overall supply over time.

A total of 5 billion HIX tokens will be produced. It is worth noting that if the price of the token increases as time passes then the amount of coins needed to pay for any service will decrease, to ensure that the token has a higher value in real teams.

This isn’t a security token but they will be freely transferrable. 

What Do Investors Gain

At the time of the ICO, 100 of the HIX tokens will be worth 1 Euro.

As we saw in the last point, there will be measures put in place to burn tokens in order to keep the true value of them as high as possible.

The ICO includes a referral bounty and also the offer of free tokens to signing up to their Telegram channel.

On the site, the team explain that they expect the demand for this service to grow over time, meaning that the price of the tokens should – theoretically – rise as more people get involved and use the coins.


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Opportunities & Risks

It is clear that the regulatory checks on projects and investors take time and add to the complexity of new ICOs.

The idea of making these checks quicker and simpler to complete is certainly something that makes sense.

The opportunity is for a new platform to provide speedy and reliable access that's making it easier for everyone.

If we turn to the risks now, the White Paper lists a few standard risks. These include the possibility that emerging legislation makes cryptocurrencies in some countries or that competition may arrive that affects the chances of success for Helix Orange.

Final Thoughts










The idea behind this ICO is sound. The checks needed for new ICOs and for new investors can be awkward.

They may even put some people off the idea entirely.

By making this a slicker and easier process, Helix Orange will be removing a big obstacle that's been complicating investing for many people in recent times.

The team working on this project looks to be strong, with a good range of experience to help them out.

Their documentation has been well put together and the whole ICO gives off a professional feel.

There is no guarantee of success in a project but like this, but the fact that there appears to be no direct competition just now is definitely a positive factor that should help them to get off to a good start.

With the public sale of tokens coming up soon, it will be interesting to see whether this project has enough about it to really catch the eye of investors.


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