The Gosama project promises an omnichannel sales management system that will revolutionize how retails firms operate and clients buy in the future.

They say that they want to make cryptocurrencies more spendable and useful.

Part of the way that they plan to do this is by including a loyalty program as part of the impressively wide scope of their solution.

The private token sale for Gosama started in June, 2018.

The public sale is planned to run for around a month in September, with exact dates still to be announced.

We can find out more about what this ICO offers by looking at the website and the White Paper that the team has put together for it.

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Token:   Gosama tokens

Hard Cap:  $10 million

Payment Methods:  To be advised

Total Cap Size:  200 billion Gosama tokens (half of them for sale)

Technology:  Uses the Nexty platform, described as being the most powerful Blockchain in Vietnam.

Important Dates: 

Private Sale: Started in June 2018

​Public Sale: Planned to run for a month in September 2018.

The Gosama project aims to breathe new life in the offline to online sales process by using Blockchain technology and its own token.

They want to identify how retail companies build and manage the relationships that they have with their customers.

The platform will then consist of both a native token and a sales management platform.

Customers can earn tokens by interacting with the companies and also a reward for purchasing from them.

The tokens that they receive can then be spent on getting discounts from the participating businesses.

Overall, the idea is to improve business efficiency while also providing an enhanced customer experience at the same time.

Project Use Case

The White Paper that has been put together by the Gosama team shows us how they expect their platform to be used in the real world.

For example, a customer will accumulate tokens when they buy from a retailer, and will also receive rewards for looking at their advertising and interacting in other ways.

The business can also target their clients more carefully by sending out only relevant marketing material, based on the behavior of the users.

Gosama Team Overview

The team that has been working on the Gosama ICO proposal is led by CTO / CEO Thanh Le.

He comes from a development background and his LinkedIn profile shows a work history that includes roles such as Senior Developer and Senior Technical Lead.

Like most of the core team, Thanh is based in Vietnam.

Next to be listed is Sales Director Minh Pham. His background includes sales and real estate.

The Product Manager is named as Alex Hoang and the Customer Relations Manager is Joanna Chilicka.

Other roles that are filled include those of Business Operation Manager (Tran Le), Business Development Manager (Ryan Nguyen), and Blockchain Developer (Anh Le).

At the time of writing, there are 10 core members and 2 Advisors listed. In terms of the Advisors, Thanh Dao is their ICO Advisor and Prof Alex Sow has expertise in a number of fields.

How The Token Works

A total of 200 billion Gosama tokens will be generated. This will be a utility token with a number of uses.

It will be used in the following ways; for payment on the platform, as a reward, and to pay for marketing services.

Customers can keep their tokens in a Gosama wallet until they want to spend them, while businesses are expected to spend these tokens on marketing and advertising campaigns.

What Do Investors Gain

The White Paper lists the value of each token at $0.0001. There are also discounts and incentives planned for early investors.

The team use the phrase “huge growth” when talking about what the next 2 years hold in store for this platform.

They believe that there is a lot of potential for this venture to work well. Their prediction for 2020 is for the platform to work with 100,000 clients.


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Opportunities & Risks

Undoubtedly, the retail world offers some big opportunities for Blockchain projects like this, as other people have also realized.

Indeed, the fact that similar-looking ICOs have already been set up is one of the big dangers here.

However, there is a chance to get a lot of people using cryptocurrencies and spending them here.

As mentioned, a big risk is that there are other projects that look to introduce Blockchain technology to retail transactions, many of them with similar ideas such as targeted marketing and a loyalty rewards scheme.

The White Paper would have been more comprehensive had they included a comparison of these projects with details of why Gosama stands out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts










The idea of a Blockchain project that makes it easier for customers to buy and companies to sell is certainly well worth looking into.

In fact, it seems almost certain that a project of this type will be a success in the future.

Will it be Gosama, though?

This ICO has a lot going for it but there are also some question marks over how it will succeed in the long term.

Making cryptocurrency spendable is their slogan and if they can truly achieve this then it will go a long way towards encouraging people to sign up.

The White Paper perhaps lack a bit of technical detail, and it would be interesting to see how they plan to attract the volume of users that are needed to get the platform fully up and running.

One big advantage they have is that at the moment it is a fully functional business that currently serves around 1,000 retail businesses.

Their idea of moving over to Blockchain technology is without doubt ambitious but there has to be some concern that they may be trying to do just too much with this platform.


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