Docademic (MTC)

What Is Docademic (MTC)

Docademic is introduced as a global healthcare platform that allows anyone to access free, basic but high quality healthcare.

It’s a blockchain based platform that can be accessed through a free Video Telemedicine App (Docademic App) that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The app is already in use on over 20 countries.

The Docademic app works closely with “Docademic for Doctors”, a social network for the medical fraternity that’s also powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The two products are designed to give access to the best free basic healthcare to anyone across the globe.

It helps people to enjoy the knowledge and benefits of healthcare that’s driven by modern technology.

The platform is operated and managed by Sidrise SA de CV, a company based in Mexico.

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Utility Of MTC?

Docademic is building a global utility for doctors, medical, healthcare professionals and patients.

The platform uses two applications to connect patients and doctors.

These is an AI-assisted telemedicine app dubbed “Docademic App” and the “Docademic for Doctors” social network.

The Medical Currency Token (MTC) is the native cryptocurrency token of the Docademic platform.

It’s an ERC20 standard that runs on top of Ethereum.

The platform’s marketplace offers medical and healthcare professionals an opportunity to directly market their equipment and medication to the best retailers and wholesalers, and MTC will power all transactions in the marketplace.

MTC allows the Docademic participants to exchange valuable data in the platform.

The token also helps secure patients information on the blockchain and is tradable in the open market as a digital currency.

Its developers plan to move it from the Ethereum blockchain to the Docademic blockchain by 2019.

Utility of MTC

Win-Win Model

Docademic is designed in a way that it makes every participant a winner.

For doctors, medical and healthcare professionals, they get a wide access to patients and their data, all secured in a blockchain.

For patients, they access quality and free healthcare from a network of doctors and medical professionals.

It’s a win-win model for hospitals governments, pharmaceuticals, doctors and patients as they use the value of the token to access products and services.

The company plans to become the greatest healthcare utility. It’s roping in governments, partners and healthcare institutions to make MTC the preferred healthcare token.  

They foresee a future where the token will evolve into the payment and remittance method of choice for the global healthcare industry.

And this is possible because the token is already being traded in most exchanges, such as Binance and Kucoin.

The Docademic Platform

Built on top of Ethereum, the Docademic platform is a healthcare ecosystem that enables anyone across the globe to get access to quality healthcare.

The platform uses a blockchain to secure patient data while still making it easily accessible to those who need it most, including doctors, healthcare institutions, pharmaceuticals and governments.

With ERC20 compatible smart contracts, the platform allows participants who hold the MTC token to easily access patients’ data.

It’s open to third party healthcare providers who will be allowed to build decentralized applications on top of it.

The platform seeks to connect patients with doctors using its two applications: Docademic App and Docademic for Doctors social network.

Its intentions are to incentivize third-party healthcare providers to use the platform. ​

They reason that this will allow them to get access to loads of patient data on the platform and reach many patients across the globe.

The App

This is an easy-to-use application that’s available desktop and on mobile. 

It uses Artificial Intelligence to connect patients with Human Doctors who are available 24 hours daily.  

Using the app, patients can get medical help at any time or place.

They also get to follow-up on treatment they receive even as they share their health records with doctors of their choice, through the blockchain.

The app essentially solves the two problems that plague healthcare delivery, undeserved markets and accessibility silos. 

Simply put, accessibility silos happen when healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics offer a great service in some areas and are only accessible to patients in that place or patients with the means to reach them. 

Undeserved markets are locations that are too poor to afford traditional medicine infrastructure.

The app incorporates three technologies namely: A User Matching engine, Cross Diagnosis Human-AI engine and Smart Patient Routing (SPR).

It solves the two problems by bringing doctors close to their patients.

Through the app, doctors can diagnose patients.

At the same time, patients can get home treatment or be referred to secondary care givers.

Docademic For Doctors

This application is the social network for doctors, providing them with further education and support to help them make correct, real-time diagnostics.

The app also helps users to cut counterparty risk, increase efficiency and to get more accurate diagnostics of their patients.

The application does this by availing medical journals, clinical information and AI-powered tools free of charge to doctors.

The app is already in use in 20 countries, impacting over 73, 509 lives.

Docademic Token

As the native digital currency of the Docademic platform, MTC is the currency of choice for Docademic participants, including doctors, hospitals, patients, governments and healthcare professionals.

In the Docademic marketplace where medical professionals exchange medication and medical equipment, the MTC token is the means of exchange.

MTC is an ERC20 coin that interacts with the blockchain to secure patients’ information.

It can be traded in the open market.

Its creators intend to migrate it to the new Docademic blockchain and when this happens, the MTC token will be converted into Medical Currency tokens.

Token Economics

A total of one billion MTC was minted by the Docademic team.

Of these, 350 million tokens were sold to the public, with the team and the ecosystem getting 200 million and 300 million MTC tokens respectively.

150 million tokens were distributed to Docademic partners.

Of the 350 million tokens put up for sale, 86 million were bought and 150 million were burned.

114 million tokens will be distributed to Docademic users through a 24-month Airdrop program.

The Docademic developers are keen on expanding the reach of their service, the reason they allocated half of all proceeds to fund the expansion drive.

Although the platform is available in over 20 countries globally, its developers want it to reach hundreds more.

From the ICO proceeds, 20% was set aside for product development, 15% for operations and a further 15% for legal fees and regulations.

Milestones & Roadmap

The Docademic platform might be one of the most hyped blockchain startups at the moment, but it has come a long way to be where it is.

According to their white paper, the platform started as in 2013, before rebranding into Docademic in 2015.

In 2013, the platform became the largest social network for doctors in Latin America.

In 2016, Docademic creators embarked on an expansion strategy that saw it apply A.I and blockchain technology to create the world’s first Video Telemedicine application, followed by the launch of the Docademic app in the same year.

In 2018, the platform achieved a major milestone in its journey after it launched a token sale event to raise funds for expansion.

Going by the company’s ambitious roadmap, Docademic plans to expand across the US, Europe, Asia, Middle east, and the rest of the world between now and 2019.

They plan to launch their own blockchain and cryptocurrency (Medical Currency) in Q1 2019.

The End Goal

There’s no denying that Docademic has assembled a noble solution that will positively impact the healthcare industry, enabling doctors and healthcare professionals top reach patients that need them most at the flip of a button.

Their white paper shows that they have pieced together a winning team made of experts in the healthcare and technology industries.

There’s also the fact that their app is revolutionary and a trail blazer, especially because it comes equipped with proprietary Smart Patient Routing Technology, a first of its kind in the world.

They are building a highly scalable solution that could revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Their end goal is simple; to build a solid healthcare utility that has a global scope.

It hopes to become a complete healthcare ecosystem that can be accessed by anyone using the digital app.


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