This real estate project uses the power of the Blockchain to provide access to shared holiday homes.

The company aims to have a global portfolio of hotels and holiday homes that they will share on this decentralized platform.

Crowdvilla will operate as a non-profit organization.

The private token sale for this piece of work has started and is due to end on August 31, 2018.

Following this, there will be two rounds of the public sale, covering the period from September 3 to September 28, 2018.

The full details of what this ICO has to offer can be found by looking through the information that has been collated in their White Paper and on their website.

The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as investing advice. Our opinions on this site are only that, if you are considering an investment into cryptocurrency or anything we speak about on this site, please advise a trusted financial professional first, before doing so.









Token:  CRV tokens

Hard Cap:  50,000 ETH

Payment Methods: ETH

Total Cap Size:  200 million CRV tokens in public sale. 40 million tokens in bonuses

Technology:  Smart contracts and ERC20 complaint tokens on the Ethereum network, although they may move to another network at some point.

Important Dates:  1st August 2018 Crowd sale

Private Sale: Ends August 31, 2018

Public Sale: September 3-28, 2018.

This project aims to bring the idea of time-share properties into the reach of more people.

By using the Blockchain, Crowdvilla plans to provide value for money holiday properties on a transparent, decentralized basis.

They believe that this will provide a professional, standardized process that removes a lot of the risks and inconsistencies currently found in the holiday home rental market.

A secure and simple booking process is allied to a platform that offer a high degree of freedom and choice.

Project Use Case

By looking through the Crowdvilla White Paper we can understand how this platform will really work. The company will use the proceeds of the crow sale to buy a range of properties.

Token holders can then book their accommodation at a good value rate on the platform.

They describe it as being aimed at the casual luxury segment and with appeal for international businesses as well as individuals going on vacation.

CROWDZILLA Team Overview

A small core team of 6 members has been put together to work on this project.

The Co-Founder and Chairman is NEO Kok Beng. He is joined by Co-Founder and CEO Darvin Kurniawan.

Another Co-Founder is called David Chandra, and he also fills the role of COO too.

Their LinkedIn profiles show us that the project’s leaders have got good backgrounds in areas such as technology and real estate.

The final Co-Founder is Hendrik Tanjaya Tan, who also acts as CTO.

TAN Wee Liang Prof is their Legal expert and Vanessa Koh is named as Chief of Product.

This is a fairly small core team compared to most ICOs. However, we expect that the team will grow as the project progresses.

As is commonly seen in ICOs, an Advisory Board has also been formed.

This is made up of 5 Advisors just now.

These are named on the site as Darren Chua, Paul Chen, Achim Jedelsky, John Dean Markunas, and Federico Folcia.

Again, it is a good idea to look through their LinkedIn profiles to see the relevant knowledge that they each bring from areas such as real estate, IT, and finance.

How Does The Token Work

There are two different tokens to be used on the Crowdvilla platform. The first one is the CRV token.

This is an ownership token that generate other tokens for the people who own properties on the site.

Anyone who owns these tokens will carry on earning for as long as the property portfolio exists on this platform.

The other tokens that are generated are known as CROWD tokens. These are the utility tokens that are used to book properties for vacations and created by holding the CRV token.


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How The Investors Make Money

Anyone that invests in the Crowdvilla ICO will hope to see the value of their tokens rise as the platform becomes more widely used and more properties are added to it.

They will also benefit from accruing CROWD tokens that can then be used to book properties.

The bonus for early investors starts at 30% before going down to 20%. It is then reduced to zero for the final stage of the public sale.

Opportunities & Risks

This is undoubtedly a chance to bring time share properties onto a decentralized platform.

It might not seem like the most obvious candidate for a Blockchain project but there are some opportunities here to make the process slicker and available to everyone.

Getting good value vacations from a reliable source is a priority for a lot of people but the current time share process is far from ideal.

There are also some risks associated with this ICO, though.

A few of them are listed in the White Paper. These include legacy claims, price volatility of tokens, and reversal of asset acquisitions.

It seems fair to suggest that another risk is that of them failing to make an impact in a notoriously competitive industry. The fast-moving technology involved is another issue to bear in mind.

Final Thoughts










Bringing time share holiday homes to the Blockchain is an interesting concept that is sure to catch the attention of a lot of people.

Is it a solid basis for a successful ICO, though?

The idea behind this project is a good one but there are some doubts about how important it really is to move onto a decentralized basis.

There is a small but highly experienced team working on this ICO.

They have done a good job in pulling it together so far, although it would be good to see some more details in the White Paper on how the end to end process will actually work.

This is a highly competitive industry and it will take some time before it is clear whether Crowdvilla has enough about it to stand out from the crowd.


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