Blockchain and its technologies have had great milestones in making this world a better place.

The technology has a lot to offer and this is why many have ventured into utilizing the technology to solve issues in several different sectors.

Today, we'd like to introduce CPROP, a project aimed at solving major issues in the real estate industry.

CPROP is trying to create a blockchain-based platform to build trust by providing transparency and security to the service providers, buyer, and sellers of real estate.

The CPROP team has managed to create a prototype that seeks to eliminate the largest inefficiencies associated with the real estate market.

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Total Token Supply:  6,133,333,333

Number Of Tokens For Sale:   4,600,000,000

Maximum Distributed In Pre-ICO:  4,200,000,000

Team:  ​920,000,000

Advisors:  ​306,666,667

Bounties/Airdrop:  306,666,667

Anticipated Minimum Tokens Reserved For ICO:  400,000,000

Private Pre-Sale Bonus:  Up to 25% depending on contribution count

ICO Price:  $0.01

Hard Cap:  $20 million

Soft Cap (threshold met):  $2 million

Min/Max Contribution (public sale):  0.1ETH/2000ETH

Private Pre-Sale:  Starts June 1, 2018

ICO Dates:  September 30-October 31,2018

The initial platform is designed for property transactions that occur for people leaving in the United States.

However, people leaving in other parts of the world can also make use of this platform to solve real estate issues in their countries.

CPROP is offering a token and a platform to facilitate this dream. The company has taken a lot of time to create a prototype that caters to many issues in the real estate industry.

How Exactly Will CPROP Help Users?

Well, the world today is filled with so many vices to a point that getting one trustworthy person feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With the CPROP platform, users will be able to make property transactions both locally and internationally without the fear of losing their money. 

The platform not only creates security and transparency but shortens the time taken to close the entire transaction process.

Project Use Case

The usability of the CPROP token is limited to the company’s platform. However, according to the whitepaper, the CPROP system stands to attack segments from various industries.

The white paper suggests that the platform will help companies in property portals and brokerages to increase their revenue and brand differentiation.

CPROP stands to also provide the benefits to sellers and buyers getting them access to reputable services in addition to transparency and secure transactions.

Other services related to the real estate industry like insurance, property managers decorates and the like will also get to increase their clientele using the platform.

Many will cut down on time and money spent on advertising.

CPROP Team Overview

The CPROP team looks promising. The three co-founds are a combination of experts from both the cryptocurrency industry and the real estate industry.

Among the co-founders is Adam Koehler who was a co-founder of a real estate based startup called Dotloop. Dotloop was sold out to Zillow for over $100 million.  

Dotloop has created a solution for residential purchase agreements that replaces the fax machine with digitized documentation that stays in the cloud.  

Apart from the co-founders, CPROP has quite an impressive team of experts.

From “Peerchemist” who is the Blockchain developer for Melissa Allen, the manager. 

How The Token Works

The CPROP token will be used to purchase a membership on the platform every year.  

Service providers will have to purchase the token in order to access the platform. Buyers and seller are exempt from this condition.

However, buyers and sellers can get CPROP tokens by giving reviews to service providers.

They will get the tokens as a reward for the review they give on the services provided by the different service provider.

Reviews will range up to 5 stars similar to Trip Advisor.

The company has a total of about 6.2 million tokens with only 4.6 million up for sale.

The rest of the tokens will be distributed between advisors, team, and bounties.

Benefits To The Investors

After a close look into the whitepaper, litepaper, and online research, CPROP looks like a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest in real estate.

Investors will get to enjoy profits once the token increases in price value.

Additionally, investors will also get to share in the funds collected from membership fees, smart contract escrow fees, blockchain authentication and deed tokenization fees, data archival and retrieval fees, administrative fees, advertising and consultation fees.

These are just a few areas the company will get revenue to share with its partners.


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Opportunities & Risks

Like all projects, CPROP has both benefits and risks.

As stated earlier, this project has the opportunity to become a major player in the real estate industry. 

With already proven entrepreneurs leading the charge.

They've already created a prototype showing great prospects for anyone looking to invest in the industry.

Currently buying or selling a house has become a tedious process that many are not willing to undertake. Despite the challenges, houses are being bought and sold by the day.

Easing things will only make the real estate industry grow and earn the participants huge sums of money.

Every good thing has its shortcomings. There is a possibility that another type of peer-to-peer project will come around with better and more effective solutions for the industry.

CPROP has not mentioned what they will do with the unsold tokens and whether or not they will refund the investors if they do not get the amount needed after the private and public sales.

Final Thoughts










The CPROP ICO has a great promise.

The platform addresses major issues that are faced daily in the real estate market.

This ICO will make a great impact on the economy and change the society large.

By creating a space where trust can be exercised, the platform will eventually rub off to other aspects of the society and eventually create a better environment for humankind.

Unlike some of the ICO that promises the public great returns and efficiency and eventually do not deliver, this project will bring so much more to the participants and the community at large.


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