Coinvest ICO Review

The Coinvest ICO brings us the intriguing prospect of the world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies. This is designed to reduce the cost, risk, and difficulty that is currently involved in investing in any of these digital currencies.

The project is being run mainly by former Microsoft professionals and will result in a crowdsale of $30 million in COIN tokens. January 14, 2018 is the date when the pre-sale begins, with a public sale to come shortly after that.

The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as investing advice. Our opinions on this site are only that, if you are considering an investment into cryptocurrency or anything we speak about on this site, please advise a trusted financial professional first, before doing so.

Let’s take a look into the details of the Coinvest ICO in order to understand what it offers to investors and what it involves for anyone who wants to take part in it.







Website:  Coinvest

Token:  COIN tokens

Hard Cap:  $30 million

Payment Methods: BTC / BCH / ETH

Total Cap Size:  75 million COIN tokens

Technology:  Blockchain

Pre-ICO Date: Sold Out - See Below

Public Sale Date: Mar 9, 2018

This date has been pushed back because of further developments to their product, SEC filings, and other legal matters - DO NOT SEND FUNDS TO ANYONE PORTRAYING COINVEST. 

Coinvest is a project that aims to solve the problem of not being able to invest in cryptocurrencies easily using just one currency and one wallet right now. It will give a wide range of stock market services that allow users to invest simply and also to earn more by setting up their own personal index fund in order to earn commission fees.

The current trend for investing in cryptocurrencies means that this seems like the kind of project that could easily catch the public’s imagination. They aim to be the single biggest destination for cryptocurrency investing.

Project Use Case

The Coinvest process is very simple. A new investor needs to set up their details on the app and fund their account with COIN tokens before carrying out their selected transactions.

As well as gaining through smart investments that grow in value, they could also earn money through the token appreciating, by setting up their own personal fund, and by gaining rewards for regular trading.

Therefore, it could be of interest to a number of different types of investors, but especially one who is interested in trying to make profits in cryptocurrencies in a simple, intuitive way. It promises to make this kind of investment something that anyone can do very simply at any time.

Coinvest Team Overview

The Coinvest team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, giving the project the benefit of a range of skills and experience to draw on.

Coinvest Team ICO

Leading up the team is the founder and executive director, Damon Nam, who has 16 years of experience at Microsoft. Byron Levels is the technology director and he has an impressive background in technology, including spells at Microsoft and American Airlines.

Taylor Rieckens is the business development director and she also counts on Microsoft as one of her previous employers. Ramiro Galan is creative director and includes IBM and Verizon among the companies he has worked for.

Also included is a user experience and interface director (Umar Irshad) and an analytics and operations director (Kevin Huynh). In addition, Mark Ayad is finance director and Kim Huynh is marketing director.

Coinvest Team Advisors

The advisors are Peter Cashmore (founder and CEO of Mashable) as well as Tony Scott (who is the founder and CEO of the Tony Scott Group).

How Does The Token Work

The COIN tokens are the key to this investment platform, as they allow the investor to buy into any cryptocurrency using just this one currency for their funds. They simply have to convert some money into this currency and then start investing.

The idea is that COIN tokens then become more valuable as more and more people choose to use them to invest in this way. January 14, 2018 is when the pre-sale begins. Note: This is now sold out

By the time the February 16 crowd sale comes along the same amount of $700 will be worth 1,100 coins, while after this it will be worth 1,000 coins.

A percentage of the coins will be held back for development costs, marketing, operational cost, and other expenses.

Coinvest ICO

What Do Investors Gain

The Coinvest ICO is interesting because it offers more than just the chance to earn money if the tokens grow in popularity, it also allows for people to make exciting investments in the increasingly popular world of cryptocurrencies as well.

Clearly, both of these areas could go either way. This means this is possible to earn on both, lose money on both, or gain on one but lose on the other.

As you would expect from an ICO, there is no guarantee of making money in either of these ways.


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Opportunities & Risks

The Coinvest IO provides some opportunities that are well worth taking a close look at. There is no doubt that the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies is big news right now, so the timing for this sort of investment opportunity could be just right.

Naturally, there are also a number of risks associated with getting involved with this sort of project. For a start, there is the possibility that the platform simply never takes off because of a lack of interest among the public.

It could also be the case that there are changes in market conditions before the Coinvest platform gets up and running. We need to add in the typical risks such as hackers and changes in legislation that are relevant to all ICOs. 

Update: We received an email today from a member of the Coinvest team letting us know that there are no longer any tokens available for a public pre-sale, because of overwhelming demand in the private whitelist offering stage.  The public crowdsale will still go ahead and is on Feb 16 2018.

Coinvest have also updated their website to reflect a new token supply and various other metric changes.

Final Thoughts









The idea behind the Coinvest ICO is something that makes sense, as there are undoubtedly a lot of people who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies right now. This is potentially one of the biggest areas of future growth in blockchain technology; therefore, it is an interesting opportunity to get involved in early on.

This ICO might not be right for everyone, but it is a way of investing that could provide some excellent returns if things work out in its favor.


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