Welcome back to our latest altcoin picks! We're excited to go through some possible ready-to-turn projects that have long lasting means. 

In other words, it's time to shift the portfolio!

Let's not hold back any longer and dive right in.


Website: https://zclassic.org/

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash, created to improve earnings for miners by removing the 20% fee, which leaves them with their fair reward.

Zclassic was launched in late 2016, and since has been a big hit.

Zclassic has always been very active, with a lot of improvements, and exciting news over the past 2 years.

As always, we have another great one coming up in September, as a new fork has been announced of Bitcoin and Zclassic = ANON.

Any holders of either Zclassic or Bitcoin will be receiving ANON tokens on September 10th in a 2:1 ratio.

With this fork, the goal is to solve a lot of Bitcoin issues like high-fees, demand for more privacy, very slow transaction speed, etc.

In August, the price was pretty high for Zclassic, but the end of the month is here, and it is trading lower than usual, so this might be the perfect time to purchase ZCL, and witness the rise after the fork happens.


Website: https://www.tokenomy.com/

Tokenomy is a project started in late 2017, with their sale ending in February 2018.

Their team created an exchange platform enabling easy transformation of valuable offering into blockchain tokens.

There hasn’t been that much hype around this project, and there are still people that haven’t heard of it yet, but we think that is about to change.

For Tokenomy Team, September is definitely a big month, as on September 17th, 2018 is the official full launch of their exchange!

There are still more future developments to come, as by the end of 2018, they will also release their Exchange Apps, so it might be time to consider this trade.


Website: https://tron.network/
CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tron/

Tron is one of those projects that your eye just cannot miss nowadays.

There has been so much hype going around this project lately, and so many improvements and partnerships that it is now on position 12 in total market cap.

As their website says, their team is trying to establish “a truly decentralized internet”. Unlike ETH, with around 25-30 transactions per second, TRON is at the moment supporting about 2,000, which is what we all needed.

At the end of July, TRON announced purchasing the famous BitTorrent internet site, as well as finished their token swap, along with some other exciting news! 

There are no incredible announcements made about changes to their project in the month of September, but as we learned from Justin Sun so far, you can never know what might happen.

This is why we think this is a great hodler for the long-run, as the project is definitely going to keep improving. This is a token to HODL, and for the long run! 🙂


Website: https://0xproject.com/

0x was first introduced to the public in beginning of 2017, and even in the ICO phase, has gained a lot of attention.

A year later, 0x Protocol has managed to be known more as “One of the most useful projects in the entire Ethereum ecosystem”.

This incredible project has been developed with a goal to allow ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Lately, there has only been good news and improvements that could’ve been heard regarding this project, but the team is definitely not done yet.

It has been announced that the 0x Protocol 2.0 will be launched in September.

With this, come big improvements to the platform, as well as a redesign of the smart contract architecture, which will now allow support of new ERC token standards.

After this, we could see a price improvement with ZRX, where you can have some gain, but you also want to think of this token as a long-term HODL opportunity.

The price has fallen, as for a lot of tokens, so this is the perfect time to either purchase it and get some return by the end of September, or just use this chance to grab some for yourself, and store them safely for the long-hall.


Website: https://dock.io/

Dock is like blockchain-LinkedIn. It aims to provide a solution for “data hoarding” with current professional networks, which have no incentive, or disincentive to share their data with competition.

Dock has performed well ever since it hit exchanges.

It had a very big spike after it first got listed on Binance, but has after that fallen further below, and is now traded at around $0.01.

There is not that much news going on in September regarding this project, but considering the price is very low, this could be a very good buying opportunity.



There was definitely a lot going on with Nexo in the last month, with a lot of ups and downs.

It entered the month at $0.07, and within a few days jumped to $0.84 with a market cap of 46 Million USD.

After that it continued to drop to $0.055, which was another good buying opportunity, before it jumped again to $0.062.

Another fall and rise happened after that, which showed that there will a lot of gains and loses in the past month with this token, depending on how you played your cards.


Very fast changes and movements happened over the last month, but the overall is that it had a “steady fall”.

Particl started the month at $5.24, but slowly over the month moved to $3.10, unlike the month of July which was very positive as the price moved from $4.24 at the beginning of the month to $6.37 mid-July.


Just like we said last month, this is one of those under-the-radar, that is most likely to survive where others fall.

Things have stayed the same with Pikcio, with a steady volume and pricing that hasn’t changed much.

This is still a good investment, and a project with a promising future.


In July, this token had a steady ride, with a stable volume and pricing.

At the beginning of August, it has still been stable, but after few August days, it started to go downwords. It is now traded with a market cap of just 2 Million USD, but if in the near-future it hits some bigger exchanges, there will be a big increase in volume, and definitely more activity on this end.


It’s been a roller-coaster ride last month, but not a major one.

We saw ups and downs, but not huge ones. Considering this token is only listed on one exchange, with a market cap going around 3 Million USD, this might not be a bad thing.

The month ended with a fall, but just like Effect, there is still more exchanges to come for Travala, which can change the whole game. So this fall to $0.06 is a good buying opportunity.

September ICOs

Do not forget about some amazing ICOs that are going on in September, and here are our Top 10 we find as good September investments! 🙂

What Else Happened Last Month?

In case some of you haven’t had a chance to check crypto-news that often, we decided to add this section for you, and list some of the bigger news that caught attention in our “small” crypto world, that we thought you wanted to know about.

Ian Balina & KuCoin

Ian’s name is the one we all know to-well by now, as he is one of the biggest crypto influencers today.

In mid-August, KuCoin officially announced strategic partnership with Ian Balina, and presented him as their first Global Titan Ambassador.

What would that mean?

KuCoin presented that their Global Titan Ambassadors will suggest new cryptocurrency projects for the KuCoin research and quality control team. 

As for Ian, he announced that as of now, his exchange of choice will only be KuCoin, which goes the same for his brand Diary of a Mad Man.

Hedera Hashgraph

Most of you probably heard the news, but it’s big, so it's worth mentioning again. 

Even though we had some rough couple of months, there is one ICO that showed us that there is still hope, and more and more institutional investors are looking for amazing projects to invest in.

At the beginning of the month, Hedera Hashgraph managed to get $100 Million investment, which they will use to finish the development and launch the startup’s network.

Besides this investment, there was still a public sale from August 14th to August 16th with a goal of $20 Million.

Did they manage to raise that money in 2 days?

Yes, this incredible project with an amazing team behind it, managed to do it. 

There are much more challenges on the way for the team, but we can be sure that they will do their best to overcome them.

Want to go back to school? 

Mid-August, Binance announced an open-beta version of their newest Academy Platform, with a goal to teach more people about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, security, mining, etc. 

This is of course, completely free, and accessible to anyone interested to learn the basics. The open-beta is live, and can be found here.


The President of Venezuela gave a statement saying that Petro token will become a second official currency in the country.

Nicolas Maduro announced that he is hoping that his will help with the hard situation that the people are facing in the country at the moment, as their main currency, Bolivar, keeps losing its value, and people today can hold about 14 Million Bolivar, and with it being able to only buy one chicken.

Nicolas plans to change this by switching their main Bolivar currency with Sovereign Bolivar, and in addition, add Petro as the other major currency, which has already taken effect on August 20th.

Considering the problems that the people in Venezuela are facing, we can only hope that a move like this might change something for better.


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