Allsporter is creating a peer-to-peer platform where sports enthusiasts can share their sports gear and skills.

They see an opportunity in the sports industry, which is still not accessible to most people because of high equipment and training costs.  

Currently, the industry is centralized and its fees are controlled by gym owners, equipment rental companies and fitness schools.  

Their plan is to open up the industry to millions of sports enthusiasts who would have liked to participate but could not afford the heavy fees.

They have a decentralized solution that allows anyone to access reliable information on available sports equipment and trainers near their location.

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Token:   ALL

Hard Cap:  19 million

Payment Methods:  ETH

Total Cap Size:  260 million ALL

Technology:  ERC-20

Important Dates: 

Pre-ICO: September 19, 2018.

​​Public Sale: October 9, 2018

In the end, Allsporter hopes to liberalize the sports industry by delivering reliability and low costs to an industry that's in the tight grip of middlemen.

To fully develop their idea, they are raising funds through an ICO that's scheduled to run between October 9, 2018 and November 17, 2018.

Project Use Case

When we dig into their white paper, we see clearer details of the project, including how the team seeks to execute their plan.

The white paper tells us that the global spots industry is lucrative, generating over $130 billion USD in 2017.

They reckon that the industry is on a growth trajectory fuelled by social media trends that promote sports as a way of life.

They estimate that the industry will generate over 169 billion USD by 2021, presenting an opportunity for blockchain firms to innovate around sports.

In their opinion, a blockchain is an important tool that will help them to decentralize the industry.  

They accept that a blockchain keeps distributed ledgers of transactions, and this is exactly what they need to bring transparency and traceability to the industry.

Additionally, a blockchain will help them drive down the cost of hiring sports equipment.

If the project morphs into a success as they envisage, it will be beneficial to users as they will pay less for sports equipment rental and trainings, while trainers will earn more.

They are also deploying an aggregated supply and demand model that analyzes the proximity, ratings, price and experience of trainers to give customers an instant access to a range of sports equipment and trainings.

Their solution allows for fast transaction speeds of up to ten times the time it takes a sports enthusiast to rent out equipment.

The idea seems to gain traction with over 3000 registered trainers and over 5000 app users already trying the platform.

In future, they see their platform evolving to have more use cases, including a planned software for event organizers and athletes, Allsporter athlete profiles and online live training with pay per view streaming.

ALLSPORTER Team Overview

The Allsporter team is divided into two; the executive and the main team.

As the founder of Allsporter, Michal Polanowski heads the executive team which also features the CTO, the CMO and a blockchain expert.

The main team, responsible for the day to day operations of the platform, consist IT professionals with blockchain experience holding such titles as; ux designer, blockchain developer, brand manager, project manager, dara scientist and many more.

The team is backed by business advisors like Karol Sadaj, a marketplace advisor and Ahmad Pirajee, a blockchain advisor among others.

Additionally, they are motivated by a group of sports ambassadors including Connor Baxter, a SUP multi champion, Sergiej Pavlenko,  professional surfer among others.

How The Token Works

Allsporter coin, abbreviated as 'ALL' is the utility token of the platform.

An ERC20 compliant token, it's the basic means of payment in the platform.

Users can pay for all services, including equipment rentals, insurance and big data, using the token.

Those intending to monetize their personal data through the platform get paid in Allsporter coins.

They announced they will mint 260 million tokens, with 55% of tokens being distributed through the ICO.

After the token generation event, the team's main goal is to grow the community by rewarding its customers for defined actions.

The Allsporter team has a unique idea of keeping transaction costs low.

To do this, they plan to introduce a Proof of Authority and Proof of Stake side chains.

What Do Investors Gain

The Allsporter platform has a competitive customer reward program.

They have dedicated 15% of the tokens to growing the number of active users.

For investors, this is ideal as it gives them a chance to earn extra coins.

The Allsporter team point out that the coin will gain significant value after the platform gains enough popularity, simply because it's a utility token and all users will need it to participate in the platform.

All in all, they see the value of the coin rising significantly over the years.


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Opportunities & Risks

Looking at the vastness of the sports industry, it's easy to see there's potential for any company targeting this industry, including Allsporter.

It's evident that a decentralized solution could be ideal for the sports equipment rental and training industry.

The platform does seem to be among the few decentralized solutions targeting this industry, and they claim to be the only ones who are peer-to-peer and decentralized.

This means that their chances of success are high given that there's no serious challenger in sight.

On the risks front, it's important to note that blockchain startups are largely untested and could fail, and Allsporter being a start up is not exempted from this risk.

Final Thoughts










The Allsporter coin doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they are innovating using existing technologies to create a platform that decentralizes the industry.

It does stand out from most other ICO projects because it has a working product in Poland, with over 40 000 web users, 3000 trainers and 5000 app downloads.

That said, whether the platform succeeds depends on how they handle competition from decentralized and centralized platforms eying the same niche.

There's also the idea that their token doesn't seem to have expanded use cases and this could negatively affect its scale.
Importantly, it's a project that seems viable and promising in the long term if implemented according to the white paper.

Given the attractive rewards program, you don't go wrong if you invest in the project for the short term. This doesn't in any way mean that Allsporter is a short term flip.

In the end, it's an ideal project that attracts both short term and long term investors.


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