About Cryptosis

Do you struggle to sleep because you’re too busy researching different cryptocurrencies?

Do you have a cold sweat if your portfolio goes down, and have a roaring high if your portfolio goes up?

Do you feel ancy if you haven’t invested in a coin in the last few days/weeks/minutes/hours?

Then it’s possible you have cryptosis.

Welcome, this is your new home.

In all seriousness, Cryptosis.io is a site for cryptoheads by cryptoheads.

The purpose of the site and the team built around it is not to come off as gurus, experts, or even authorities. We are upfront and honest about our lack of expertise. We’re here to learn as much as we can about Cryptocurrencies and the breakneck speed that the industry is evolving.

And this blog is our place to share what we’ve learned with you.

This might include some of the following:

  • Interviews with the real experts
  • ICO reviews (with a healthy sense of scepticism)
  • Product/software/hardware reviews
  • Token reviews
  • General articles

At no point do we claim to know everything, and at no point should you consider our advice to be financial advice. See our disclaimer for more info on why you shouldn’t take what we say for granted.

Why Build This Site If We’re Not Experts?

It’s simple. Right now, there’s a ton of great content around cryptocurrencies, but it’s hard to find it all. Some of it is on Reddit, some of it is in FB groups, forums, or on various blogs.

Medium and steemit are great too.

The problem is, those places also have their fair share of FUD, dumb questions, and sometimes, severe censorship.

All we want is to go out there, find out everything we can, and distill it down into useful information for the rest of you, and have a good time while doing it.

Integrity is super important to us, so while we cannot profess to know everything, we are always going to be upfront about our limitations, honest about anything we publish, and willing to take on feedback and criticism.

That’s what this industry needs more of. We’re not saying this doesn’t exist already, but more is always good.

If you want to get in touch, the contact page is of course the place to go.

If you want to learn more about the team behind Cryptosis, then read our blogs, and stay tuned! As the site grows, the team will grow, and we will introduce ourselves in good time.

For now, we want to win you over with our content.



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